Thursday, 18 July 2013

Skoda come, Skoda go.

Well, we bought a much newer Skoda Fabia a few weeks ago and after much soul-searching I decided to give the Renault RX4 a chance and get rid of the old Fabia (MCZ).  This was no easy decision because the Fabia has been incredibly reliable and is still going strong at just short of 160,000 miles with no engine problems.  The problem is that it is handy to have one larger car and having spent £750 on a new turbo for the RX4 it seemed daft to sell it, so there you go.  I switched the insurance over to the Renault yesterday and the old Fabia will be off to the vehicle dismantlers (i.e. scrappie) tomorrow.

I will almost certainly have a tear in my eye and I definitely do not want to be around when they start pulling her apart!

I quite fancy one of these though, once I've saved enough up to buy a second-hand one.

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