Sunday, 11 April 2010

IKEA Make Kitchens Simple

This isn't the kitchen, but the utility room, which is an essential extension to our kitchen. About a year ago we were in IKEA and they were selling these worktops for £10 each in a sale, reduced from about £50. I should have bought 5 or 6, but stupidly just bought one. Cutting a long story short we added 3 wall units and one base unit with the uber-cheap plain, but hard-wearing Harlig doors. The handles came courtesy of another really decent person on Freecycle who was up-grading a kitchen and they have been incredibly useful.

I got to thinking that this represents about half of a 'standard' 8 unit kitchen and wasn't that hard to fit. The main reason is that the IKEA units are very well designed for DIY, tough, but quickly assembled (20 minutes per unit) and easy to adjust once on the wall or floor.

If anyone needs a kitchen fitted on a budget... :)

Door of Perception

I got this door over a year ago on Freecycle and never got around to doing anything with it, partly through a lack of confidence in hanging doors and partly because I don't have a power plane. My brother-in-law got a really good Bosch plane and I borrowed that to fix our bedroom door which was sticking (I was also fitting a lock to it to give us some privacy when required!) and after getting that right I thought it would be nice to have the glass door into the kitchen instead of the cheap hollow one that was there. With a bit of trial and error and a lot of puffing and panting I got it done, not perfect, but not bad so I reckon I could do pretty much anything with doors now.