Sunday, 11 September 2016

TV sound and tablet prescription

Well, the Finilux TV is working a treat except for the sound which went to intermittent mode very quickly. As far as I know the TV hadn't been used in some time so it suddenly occurred to me today when I was out on my new (to me) bike I swapped for another TV (!) that the power amplifier in the TV might have capacitor issues the same as the power supply. I'll get a look at this during the week because this TV has a great picture and I want to use it with the YouView box I got from TalkTalk (which lay in its box for 2 years) to watch Wheeler Dealers on Quest. I need my fix of Edd and Mike.

My wee lad's Zoostorm tablet (Q6010) seems to have gone into limp mode, as in limp to the spares box. It has gotten locked into some sort of unresponsive state where the touchscreen isn't working and pressing the reset button or any of the Android reboot sequences does nothing. It was a strange tablet from the start, aimed at the education market and with a weird storage partition layout, but a quad core processor and a whopping 2Gb of RAM which 2 years ago was unheard of. And all for under a ton from CPC. The pity is that it runs Android 4.2.2 (JB) so could in theory be used as a Kodi box, but only if I can get it to work again. In the meantime, good dad that I am, he's getting my old Fujitsu M835. Back to paperback books for me then.