Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Arduino DS18S20 With LCD

Arduino lite ATMEGA-16 test circuit with a DS18S20 temperature sensor and a 2x16 character LCD display. Using the Arduino libraries this is very straightforward. The green LED is lit when the temperature is below 25 C and the red LED comes on if the temperature goes above 25 C.

The small LCD panel was salvaged from an old specialist printer and as well as a 'Power' LED there is another green LED and a red LED on the panel along with the required resistors.


The DS18B20 sensor IC mounted on the breadboard.  The big blue potentiometer is for setting the contrast on the LCD display.

Video of this working -

The next steps are to get 3 sensors working with this circuit and then to see if I can get the 2-wire option working, which would be a handy improvement.

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