Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Kicking Myself

I finally gave up on the XDA and stripped it for spare parts as the main connector was broken. I've been holding out in the hopes I'd get a similar 'phone somewhere with a cracked screen (I narrowly missed one on its way to the dump). It just dawned on me that with the Bluetooth adaptor for communications all I needed to do was get power into the XDA and I'd have had a very useful pocket computer. Of course at the time I wasn't even aware you could send serial data via Bluetooth so I guess I have to put it down to the learning curve, but it's still annoying.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Weebly Web

I've been mucking around on the web again.

Check this out and send me any photos of hair salons if you see any good names.

Krazy Kutts

Weebly is a fantastic online web design system which is free for basic use (which is actually far from basic). You can add video, audio and all sorts of other things just by linking to your YouTube or podcast account elsewhere.