Saturday, 20 April 2013

LED Backlighting Update

The monitor was knackered although the backlighting using LEDs worked a treat. Really good practice doing the conversion though, so I'm going to look at the 21-inch rescued TV next.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

LED Backlight

This is just a first attempt at upgrading a monitor to LED backlighting.  The power supply for this monitor seems to be busted after all, it isn't working once it is under load.  I'll test it with a PC power supply later. Unfortunately I managed to break one little connector when I was taking the monitor apart, but this may be repairable, I'll have to see. The light output from the LEDs is fairly even and the only downside for now is no brightness control, but that should be possible to address if need be.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

String of LEDs

These are hopefully going to replace the cold cathode backlights in the second Hanns-G monitor I picked up, which has a failed inverter board. This is a 1 metre strip containing 60 LEDs and running off 12v and cost £5 delivered.
The strips can be cut every 3 LEDs and there are copper pads for soldering to.
If this works I'm going to convert the other Hanns-G monitor, the 21 inch TV I rescued from a ditch and the 7-inch LCD monitors to LED backlights. Buying longer runs of LEDs, the cost gets cheaper so 5 metres with 300 LEDs is only £15, enough for lots of backlights.