Sunday, 19 August 2012

Raspberry Gambas

Thanks to the work of some guys on the RaspberryPi forum, Gambas3 is now running on the little computer.  So after a couple of hours work installing a new OS image with Gambas3 on it and getting the hang of it I have managed to get the bar chart program running.  As before the Psion II is pretending to be the data-logger and is sending out random data in the format I have currently settled on.

It works pretty well, but the RPi is being pushed close to its limits here and the mouse has a habit of becoming inactive.  Ultimately I think I will need to learn Python and go down that route using the widget approach to get a GUI output, but there is a pretty steep learning curve there.

The next step is to finish off the touch monitor and get a module (driver) for the touch panel and the calibration program running on the RPi.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Powered USB Hub - £2

 I bought a couple of these little USB 2.0 hubs for £1 each in PoundWorld intending to adapt them to be powered hubs for use with RaspberryPi computers.  Alan here ( beat me to it, but I wanted to give it a go with a flying power socket.  As usual, heat-shrink sleeve comes in to save the day.

I didn't like the original USB lead and plug so I bought a USB-to-Micro USB cable (again for £1) and cut it in half.  One end goes to power the RPi and the other is the input USB.

The input USB has only 3 connections made, the red power wire is cut short and ignored.  I did connect the ground (GND) wire though because the purist in me doesn't like the idea of floating grounds (blame my MSc).   The output for power to the RPi via the micro USB plug only has the GND and +5v connections made and the other 2 signal lines were chopped short and ignored.

The power input was made from a DC power socket salvaged from an old lead for a dead PDA and with some black heat-shrink it looks quite professional and hard-wearing.  I have a small hoard of 5v 2A power supplies that were for various long-deceased gear and one of these is powering all this.

And it works like a dream!

Friday, 3 August 2012

Hold on...

The workshop is in a right state this week as a result of trying to clear out stuff and move some furniture back into the house for a study I am decorating, which should hopefully be finished tomorrow now that I have some more white emulsion paint.

I was working on my Silvercrest/LG TV recorder this evening, which has developed a fault with the DVD recorder part.  The hard drive end works fine, which means it is worth trying to repair.  The odd thing is that I cleaned out the DVD drive, cleaned the lens on the laser and blew some air round everything and hay presto it started playing a DVD again out in the workshop.  15 minutes later I took it back into the living room and hey un-presto it has gone kaputt again.  This is typical.  Maybe the house just has bad karma.

I will investigate further.

DVD Drive model - MEZ36295702