Sunday, 19 August 2012

Raspberry Gambas

Thanks to the work of some guys on the RaspberryPi forum, Gambas3 is now running on the little computer.  So after a couple of hours work installing a new OS image with Gambas3 on it and getting the hang of it I have managed to get the bar chart program running.  As before the Psion II is pretending to be the data-logger and is sending out random data in the format I have currently settled on.

It works pretty well, but the RPi is being pushed close to its limits here and the mouse has a habit of becoming inactive.  Ultimately I think I will need to learn Python and go down that route using the widget approach to get a GUI output, but there is a pretty steep learning curve there.

The next step is to finish off the touch monitor and get a module (driver) for the touch panel and the calibration program running on the RPi.

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