Friday, 3 August 2012

Hold on...

The workshop is in a right state this week as a result of trying to clear out stuff and move some furniture back into the house for a study I am decorating, which should hopefully be finished tomorrow now that I have some more white emulsion paint.

I was working on my Silvercrest/LG TV recorder this evening, which has developed a fault with the DVD recorder part.  The hard drive end works fine, which means it is worth trying to repair.  The odd thing is that I cleaned out the DVD drive, cleaned the lens on the laser and blew some air round everything and hay presto it started playing a DVD again out in the workshop.  15 minutes later I took it back into the living room and hey un-presto it has gone kaputt again.  This is typical.  Maybe the house just has bad karma.

I will investigate further.

DVD Drive model - MEZ36295702

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