Wednesday, 24 March 2010

iPaq DIY Serial Connection

I swapped a BBC Micro I had for this neat little iPaq PDA. The screen is a bit funny, but it just seems to be a problem with colour depth and on console applications isn't a problem because there are only a few colours being used. The iPaq could communicate via RS232 or USB, but this type only came with the USB cradle. A bit of research and I found the Kronos website, authors of the excellent Zeus programming environment and purveyors of fine information about iPaq connections. I was able to make up this custom connector from a broken car power adaptor which has both RS232 and power connections. The soldering was very fiddly and I used a fair bit of heat-shrink tubing to make everything neat, but it looks and works great. Now if I can get an OBD II to RS-232 interface cable, I can have real-time vehicle diagnostics on the cheap.

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