Monday, 29 March 2010

Generating Interest

I recently acquired a Coleman Power Mate 6.5hp petrol generator that had been the victim of a flood and the owner was going to dump it, but gave it to me to play with. It's almost identical to the one in the photo. My son (4, nearly 5) enjoyed cleaning all the mud and grime off it and then we took the petrol tank off, cleaned it some more and set to work trying to get the engine to turn over. The whole engine and the dynamo was full of water, but we drained as much out as we could and then used the compressor to blow air through the engine and get the rest out. Some fresh oil and a liberal application of WD-40 into the plug hole and with a bit of rocking back and forth I got the piston free and turning over. There is some compression and a good spark, but so far no life so the next thing to do is take a look at the carburettor and make sure fuel is getting into it okay.

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