Sunday, 28 February 2010

Electric Buggy

The buggy started life as a toy Lamborghini running on 2 6-volt motors, one driving each rear wheel. When we moved house I took the opportunity to ditch the upper body which had seen better days leaving a bucket chassis.

It has 2 6-volt emergency lighting lead-acid batteries wired in parallel to give a whopping 20 Ah. Most of these electric toys have batteries around 6-8 Ah. It doesn't go any faster, but this gives a much extended running time.

These are the new wheels on the buggy up close. I got these hand-truck pneumatic wheels on eBay for £15 and my colleague Johnny kindly helped me adapt them to fit on the buggy. I finally got time to drill holes in the axles for cotter pins to make sure the wheels won't fall off. It's unlikely this would happen because the washers behind them are a very tight fit, but better to be sure where children are concerned.

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