Sunday, 25 June 2017

Tablet Repair Part 2

So when I was replacing the broken USB connector on the Samsung Galaxy Tab I managed to get a bit too much heat onto the main board and melted the lens of the front-facing camera. This was really stupid because I could have easily removed the camera before doing the soldering. I think the tin foil might have worked against me here.

This is the old camera module with the lens removed, it still worked, but was pretty useless. I raided the broken bits box and tried a couple of web cams from an old netbook and 'phone, but couldn't get a lens that would fit, so I just bought a new one on eBay for about £12.

I went the whole hog and bought a rubber bump case and screen protector for £10 because I liked the rugged look of the thing. The case is a nice one my wife got me for Christmas with a classic version of the periodic table on the front and a matching notebook. I stiffened the case with a piece of foam board behind the tablet for a bit more protection.

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