Monday, 27 March 2017

Finilux TV Sound

The Finilux television I got a good few months ago continued to bug me because I was convinced there was something simple wrong with the sound. The picture is very good and it is one of the best back lit LCDs I've ever seen with about 10 cold cathode strips running horizontally behind the flat panel. The only downside is a whopping 160 watts power consumption.

Off came the back and a bit of a look at the speaker wiring led me to the amplifier board below. This turned out to be working fine, 24-volts into it okay and a good buzzing noise if the inputs were fed a signal.

So back to the power board below and a bit of internet investigation starting with the amplifier board's part number took me to this YouTube video about a Hitachi television which turns out to be pretty much identical to the Finilux and a whole lot of others, all mass-assembled in Turkey from Chinese components. So that took me back to the power board and a bit of fiddling and it turned out that the main board (not the amplifier) was getting an intermittent 5-volt supply due to a badly-fitting connector. A bit of re-routing and all seems to be well now.

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