Friday, 25 November 2016

Retro CCTV monitor

This is the second of these little black and white televisions I've picked up. I think my wife got this one in a charity shop in Portaferry (for £3 if I remember right). They run on 12 volts or a load of batteries and have a radio as well as TV.

Anyway, a bit of Internet research revealed that all of the RF side of TV things is handled by a single chip and the composite video is dealt with by old-school transistors. This made it easy enough to cut into the video circuit at the right point and hook it up to the DVD player and we have a retro composite monitor.

The radio section was on its own board which I removed along with the speaker, front panel switches and so on. Some plastic card to fill the gaps, epoxy and satin black paint gave it a bit of 80s class! I also added a power LED to the front and re-wired the antenna jack socket to act as the video input.

The DVD player is actually a recorder I got on Freegle because the power supply had packed in. In this case the transformer had fried, maybe due to a shorted 'bad cap', so I replaced the whole power board with a similar one from another broken DVD player. A bit of drilling and soldering and it is working like new. It would make a great CCTV security recorder.

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