Thursday, 9 May 2013

Power Of Three (Things)

I finally got it working tonight.

PIC --> Raspberry Pi --> Android App

PIC is reading 8 analogue ports and outputting the data every 0.1s via serial over USB.  The Raspberry Pi is running an Apache server and in response to an HTTP request to a PHP script, it reads the serial data and re-formats it into a simple fast JSON array.  The Android tablet is running a custom app from App Inventor to make the HTTP request, get the JSON response and display the data.

The next step is to get a nice bar graph interface working and set up the Manifold Air Pressure (MAP) sensor I have in the car so that the thing can be tested reading boost from the supercharger.

Oh yeah and I have to get the Raspberry Pi working as an Access Point (AP) again.  I did this before okay, but with a different wi-fi dongle.  This is critical to using it in the car to send point-to-point data to the tablet.

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