Saturday, 1 December 2012

Pringles Tin Speakers

During the summer, Pringles crisps were giving away free speakers that clip on the top of an empty Pringles tin.  The only drawback was that for a stereo pair I'd have needed to eat my way through 6 boxes of Pringles, and I'm more of a Tayto guy myself.  Anyway, we went to see 'Skyfall' last month and my 13-year-old darling daughter got me to buy her 2 of the small cartons of Pringles for the film (costing about as much as 6 big tins in Asda!).  I hung onto the empty boxes and discovered that a pair of speakers I had reclaimed from some old thing were a perfect fit for the Pringles tins.  I soldered lengths of twin speaker cable to them and glued them onto the top of the tins with epoxy.  To round them off I found some 'funky foam' in my son's craft box (I owe him a sheet now) and covered them with it.  They sound amazingly good considering what they are and they look pretty contemporary too.

So I was good to go and the mini CD player I was going to use them with died.  Typical.

If you've never heard of Tayto, well basically Tayto Cheese and Onion are the best crisps ever made.

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