Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Found TV

Last week I'm driving along and saw a flat screen TV fly-tipped at the side of the road. It looked like it hadn't been there too long so I snaffed it into the boot of the car. I let it dry out overnight beside a radiator and then plugged it in. Surprise surprise, the backlight was flickering and there was a bad buzz so I was pretty sure that the inverter board was knackered. Hoking in the spares box I found an inverter board from a TV that had suffered a cracked screen. A bit of dodgy test wiring and a connection to my old Sky box and there's Masterchef! The screen is still drying out and I'll need to tidy the wiring, but there's a free LCD TV.
The old inverter is integral to the power board, but the circuits are all the same so I can disarm the old inverter and run 12v, GND, Adjust and Enable connections to the new inverter.

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