Saturday, 13 October 2012


Just a quick post.  I bought an HDMI adaptor for my Android tablet (4.0 ICS), which has an HDMI C 'Mini' connector.  I thought this was the most versatile approach as I have a few standard HDMI cables of different lengths and an HDMI-DVI cable for the RaspberryPi.  Anyway, here is the tablet computer hooked up to the 21-inch TV in the kitchen and if you look closely you can see the Android screen there with apps and the fish-pond wallpaper.

My son and I have been using this to watch old episodes of the bonkers-but-brilliant 1989 TV game show 'Interceptor' on YouTube.  If you have never heard of 'Interceptor' then you are in for a treat.  Think 'Treasure Hunt' meets 'Crystal Maze' (it was made by the same production company) with a maniac in a black leather trench coat chasing you around the English countryside in a helicopter while jolly-hockey-sticks Annabel Croft gives you directions to the loot.  Unfortunately there were only 8 episodes made before it was cancelled, but they are TV gold.

"Television, the drug of the nation,
Breeding ignorance and feeding radiation."
('Television' - The Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy, 1992)

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