Friday, 15 June 2012

At the coal face

An early analysis has shown that we have saved £750 this winter in reduced fuel costs by installing the new multi-burning stove.  Taking into account that this was a mild winter, the whole install will break even in just over 3 years.  The oil tank was filled a year ago and is still 1/4 full (so around 900l used) and we have used roughly a tonne of coal, giving a total fuel cost of around £750 for winter heating.  This compares with around £1500 in the last winter when we were on oil only.

Phoenix Gas have been delivering a mail shot in our area (again) offering a piped natural gas service.  When I 'phoned up (again) to order it they told me (again) that it isn't available in our area.   Should they consider targeted marketing perhaps?

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