Sunday, 11 March 2012

The Venturer monitor in the raw

This is the pin-out for the Venturer monitor as it comes with the DVD. The little DIN plugs are 9-pin, but as you can see in my notes above, I replaced these with standard 5-pin DIN plugs carrying power, video and stereo audio (waste of time as there is only one speaker in the case!)

After a while I went back to these monitors and stripped them out again.
This is the inner section of one of the Venturer 6.2" monitors, the part that swivels up and down, removed from the outer case. Only 4 connections are needed to drive this and they are marked on the reverse of the circuit board - V+; GND; Video; Video GND. You can also rig your own colour and brightness controls if needed because all the necessary connections are available, but they may not be needed as the monitor defaults to usable settings. It has no back to it, but as this one will be cased or in a dashboard that didn't worry me.

There is a photo here that shows the back of the monitor and the control signals (brightness, colour, wide etc) are the bigger connector to the left of the main power and video connector.

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