Thursday, 25 August 2011

I Have The Power (Steering)

When I re-fitted the PAS pump it was deceased, kaputt, had gone to the great pump house in the sky. I got another one on eBay for £145 delivered, fitted it and all was well. Power steering for the first time in 2 months, which felt weird. The whole job cost about £250, a lot less than the £1000-plus I had heard people were paying Skoda for the same work.

The day after that the engine started acting-up, losing power under load once you were up to 30mph or so. A bit of bodging and I narrowed this down to the EGR valve, which has been temporarily put out of action until I get time to clean it out this weekend.

Off to MOT and it failed on... a leaky rear shock absorber! With all the other things I'd forgotten to check them. Critical mistake becuase with a clean and rub down it might have passed as the leak isn't too bad yet, more of a smear. Anyway I got a second-hand shock for £10 up at Traynor's in Malusk so that's Saturday taken care of.

Good thing is I have an excuse to drive the MR2 for a few days until I get the Skoda re-tested.

UPDATE - Replacement shock is now fitted; a 45 minute job including cleaning everything under the wheel arch such as the brake pipes and hosing out the plastic liner which had 10 years worth of crud under it!

ANOTHER UPDATE - The problem with the engine came back after 2 days, but when I took the EGR valve off again it was clogged with even more soot. I gave it another really good clean and used a piece of broomhandle to push it open and closed a few times while painting Gunk in round it. The following morning the car ran like a pig for 5 miles and finally stalled, but then suddenly burst into life and has been fine since. My guess is that I need to clean this thing regularly now the engine is getting on a bit.

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