Friday, 22 April 2011

Taking the tablet! - WORKING

I bought this Android tablet from a mate for £20. I think it was a warranty return or something he got on eBay. Anyway, it worked for about a week and then just quit and it looks like the power board or maybe the inverter for the screen has gone wonky because there is a buzzing sound when you try and power it up. That said, after just a week I was hooked! I was able to plug a 3G dongle in and surf the web from anywhere, just like rich people do with iPads (!) and Bluetooth worked out-of-the-box with a £1 dongle from... PoundWorld. What really got me excited was when I got my first app working on it. Okay so it was only the tutorial app from Google App Inventor and admittedly it was just a photo of a cat that purred when you touched it, but it worked. Now App Inventor includes libraries for Bluetooth and USB communications so if I could get this thing working again it would be the dashboard car console to kill for, for £20!

UPDATE - THE TABLET IS WORKING AGAIN!!! I took it apart on 24/04/11 and made sure all the connectors were sound and it booted up again. Then I turned the camera round (it was upside down for some reason) and have fixed the speakers, which also didn't work.

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