Saturday, 4 September 2010

Custom Bass Box

I spent a couple of days working on this custom bass box for the MR2 based on parts from the cheap boom box I got in Larne a few weeks ago for £20. I decided to strip the speakers out and dump the box and as luck would have it I acquired 4 old stereo speakers for stripping and found a load of light MDF in a skip. I got acoustic wadding, a cross-over circuit and a nice pair of tweeters from an old pair of Awia speakers (the main drivers had dozed after getting damp) and cobbled all of this into the speaker box you see in the photo. A massive improvement on the pants 1980s set-up in the MR2 and the first time the car has had some real bass. The head unit is a Kenwood 4 x 50 watt with with MP3-CD capability and is ideal for a weekend car.

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