Tuesday, 3 August 2010

PSION II Datalogging, Bar Graph

Well thanks to some pointers from Boris I got a working bar graph (progress bar) on the Psion II and using machine code too. And I'm over 40. The Psion's RS232 capabilities are really put to the test in OPL though, the buffer fills quicker than the OPL can process it, so I trimmed the amount of data from 64 characters to just 18 without compromising on data. This allows the datalogger to send 8 channels at 10-bit resolution and the Psion to identify the channel to be displayed.

If I go any further with this I want to write more if not all of it in machine code especially to make sure the serial buffer is clear at the beginning of the program, which at the moment is causing problems.
The full set up on the bench. Eventually I want the Psion up in the cockpit of the car (okay, sitting on the dash) or as a hand-held garage diagnostic box and the PIC and so on will be permanently attached to the ECU in the car. Or something like that.

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