Thursday, 8 July 2010


I finally got around to putting my 'new' PIC onto my new breadboard, the cool 16F690. It is very easy to rig up, only 3 external components for a minimal set-up. I wasn't sure if the Willem PCB3 programmer would work with it because the programmer is getting a bit long in the tooth, but by selecting a similar chip in the inventory it worked and I had a wonderful flashing LED. The program I wrote actually does an awful lot more than flash an LED, but that's always a good way to see something happening. Just as well because I then hooked up a 4x20 character HD44780 display and didn't quite get what I was expecting. The display is working correctly, but the code is sending some weird characters and I suspect a timing issue, so I'll look into that.

I'll sort an RS232 interface tomorrow and then we are well on the way to some tasty vehicle diagnostics.


  1. Hello,

    Thanks for your article,
    I've got a willem programmer as well, and the interface doesn't propose the PIC16F690, but you suggest that it worked for you using another PIC ref, may I ask you which one ?

  2. Christophe - thanks for reading. I haven't used the Willem programmer in a while because I bought a USB PicKit2 one about a year ago. If I remember correctly, I think I used the 16F88 as a target and that programmed the 16F690 okay.